Sunday, August 31, 2008


I feel sheepish.

I got a rapid response to my email, considering he's on dial up at the cottage. I have edited to preserve anonymity but it reads mostly as follows:

"[My name here]

Sorry if my email's tone hinted at a "dumping." That was the farthest thing from my mind! Frankly, I was just eager to see you. And the soonest I'd be able to see you would be Tuesday evening (since I'll be in cottageland till Monday). short, if you'd still like to see me and pursue this relationship, I'd be game. In fact, I'm hoping you still feel the same way.

[My name here]...let me be clear: I like you. I want to know you better. I want to date you again. I want to see where this goes. I consider you a rare beauty, a woman of class and intelligence, and a woman worth knowing. Seeing you is an honour and thinking that a woman like you might feel the same way about me?'s a big deal in my books.

Get back to me when you can. If you still want to see me: please let me know!
Take care [Me again]. I think you're awesome and I want to see you again.
Captain W."

I will be seeing him on Tuesday. My God, I'm glad the Universe intervened and I didn't cave in and drunk text Grey last night or dim-sum dial this morning.


Asshat said...

See? Mr. Wiggles is coming around. Aren't you glad you didn't place that booty call? Isn't being called "a rare beauty, woman of class and intelligence" a whole lot better than "@%@$able but not loveable?"

That celibacy thing is nuts, however. Be honest. Leave that nonsense up to the ex-boyfriend/priest.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Have I told you lately that I love you Asshat?

Asshat said...

I guess that makes me loveable, but not !%!#able.

Victoria said...

Well, that's good!

Elusive Butterfly said...

Asshat, I would do terrible things to you if I only knew where to find you.