Monday, September 1, 2008

Singled out as solo

I went to Dream in the Park this evening. It was A Midsummer Night's Dream with a modern twist. It was hilarious. I won't write a review because tonight was the last performance. I'll just say that I have a new, and thoroughly unattainable dream: to play Helena.

Actually, I might have mentioned Dream last week. Captain W and I were supposed to go last Thursday but we decided not to on account of impending rain. So, this afternoon, I decided to go by myself. Why should he have all the fun up at his cottage while I sit and stew in my sweaty pyjamas on my couch? I thought I could benefit from lying on a blanket under the sun for a few hours reading before the play started.

Not so much.

I left late because my joints were still aching despite the Advil. Plus, I felt guilty about driving instead of taking the streetcar. When I eventually decided to just deal with the guilt and drive, it was after 6 pm. I'm really glad I did drive because it was pitch dark when the play was over and it would have sucked to take transit home at that hour. I digress...

I arrived in High Park and totally lucked out by finding a parking spot immediately. Woo hoo! So I walked in to the venue and paid the $20. I was asked by one of the volunteers if it was my first time. After I said yes, he mentioned that I could go right in since I was obviously meeting people there. When I said that I was alone, he said he would send me to another volunteer who would find me a kick ass spot up front. Sweet, right? Again, not so much. Although she was fairly discreet about signaling to a third volunteer that she was looking for a spot for one, he belted out, "just one then?" which drew stares from everyone in the immediate vicinity. Instant mortification. And when I said to the girl next to me, "I guess a single girl can't sneak in inconspicuously!", she laughed but said nothing to me for the next 3 hours. Neither did the man to my right. Shakespeare snobs.

Anyway, the play was good. Excellent, considering it was only $20. Definitely, Bard on the Beach in Vancouver is exponentially better but you also pay significantly more to attend. The grass at the Canstage Theatre was hard and lumpy. The concrete against my back was cold. The venue was overfilled to a capacity of more than 1,000 people. I was literally knee-to-knee with the snobby people either side of me. And I couldn't stretch my legs out. Thank goodness for my oversized blanket, butt pillow and fleece. Plus, the play is billed as kid-friendly. It's too bad the kids aren't. Ugh, definitely "adult" plays from now on.

It would have been much more fun if I had been there with Captain W. It might even have been warmer, if I could convince him to put an arm around me! Maybe I'll actually get a hug on Tuesday. In the meantime, I'm taking Detective Murdoch to bed.

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Awkward, for you said...

Wow you've had wild relationship ride over the past few days. I've had those 'Grey' type dreams before. Awkwardly even when laying beside another lover. It's just your mind getting away from you. Be proud of yourself for not drunk texting Grey. Honestly i feel it deserves a new pair of shoes, but that may just be me being a girl and wanting everyone to experience the happiness shoe shopping brings to a woman.

the Captain sounds pretty sweet. Too bad he won't make a move. It's rare when a guy actually has a lot of respect for a woman or women in general. i find any way.

Seeing a play on your is fantastic! I have never done that. Seeing a movie alone is lovely though. However, not so awkward.

I'm not a big fan of children either. Especially in public places.

I hope you had a great long weekend!