Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just not that into me

It has been an exhausting few days. Last night I finished what was hopefully my final experiment. I have some analysis left to complete but it shouldn't take more than a couple of days next week. I also have to go to Montreal to run some samples there but that may not happen until the end of the month. So, other than having craploads of glassware left to wash, I feel pretty good.

I woke up this morning happy that I didn't have to get up and go somewhere. That felt good. So I checked my facebook and did the other things that are part of my daily constitutional. And then I went back to bed. I've been reading Maureen Jenning's Detective Murdoch mystery series and it's nice to read without falling asleep and losing track of the plot and characters. If Baby doesn't call soon, I'm going back to bed again.

While I was lying in bed reading, I got to thinking about Captain Wiggles. Since he canceled our date on Thursday evening, he hasn't emailed or called (unsurprising) or even commented on my many facebook status updates which have been about my trials and tribulations in the lab. Granted, nobody else has commented or checked in either so perhaps my expectations are unrealistic. Then I was thinking that, four dates in, and the man can barely bring himself to touch me. Respectful distance, my ass. I want to be with someone who is struggling to keep his manly, assertive hands off me. Someone who won't tell me that he's debating holding my hand or giving me a kiss. A man who will just do those things because he can read my body language and can sense that I'm into him enough that I won't object to his affectionate proximity. Even Grey managed to maintain a respectful but sexual-tension-filled nearness until I finally succumbed to his masterful seduction.

Clearly Wiggles is just not that into me.

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