Sunday, September 14, 2008

Prosecco and dancing chased by Advil and naps

I had a very, very good time at the wedding. Granted, I only started to have a very, very good time after my fourth glass of Prosecco but I refuse to let my hangover taint my memory of last night. I think I was only outrageously, embarrassingly drunk when I drunk-dialled my former Valentine but he deserves it for being such a... I was going to write "jerk" but I can't. I miss him and still shed tears about how things are between us now. It's such a fine line.

The wedding was at a U of T college church and was lovely. Short and sweet and touching. Both the bride and the groom cried; the groom started it. There were some funny moments. The reception was at the Gardiner ceramic museum. I had no idea it even existed. The room overlooks the ROM crystal and the light made it seem as though the sun was perpetually setting. The catering was Jamie Kennedy and the service was excellent. It was a very cool wedding. The DJ was really good and I meant to ask for a card for Baby and Delorean but they're probably way outside their price range. The venue was gorgeous, the wedding was fun, the speeches were funny and I had a surprisingly good time. While I still think that love and marriage is crap, and that marriage should be a business arrangement first and foremost, they're a good couple and I hope it will last.

The only dicey incident was ending up at the bride's brother's apartment afterwards and the ensuing bedroom-balcony peep show photos that are likely to end up on facebook. Fortunately, I don't think I'm actually in any of them. A might have some problems with the bride over those. Her brother is very cute and gives great hugs. If he wasn't her brother... actually no, he's not my type. But still, very cute.

One of the cousins gave me his card and an open invitation to NYC. I've never been to NYC. I just never got around to going. I would really like to spend a few days though. Maybe next fall after I've saved up a bit.

I think I need to go back to bed and wait for the Advil to kick in. By the time I walked home at 4 am, I was stone-cold sober, in pain from walking around in ridiculous heels and ready for sleep. But A's mother called me and, stupidly, I answered my phone. She sent me back to collect her daughter at 5 am so I had to go pick her up and drive her home. I bet she's glad she doesn't live in the city anymore.

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