Saturday, September 20, 2008

Independence Day

I have decided that I am unwilling to cede independence to a mere mortal man.

I like living alone.
I like sleeping alone.
I like that my sheets are always clean.
I like not sharing a bathroom.
I like being able to put on pants and leave the house to meet friends whenever I feel like it.
I like being able to walk around the house pantless.
I like being able to sit at my desk in my underwear and turn on the space heater.
I like knowing that the dirty dishes in the sink aren't actually that dirty.
I like knowing that all of the stray hairs around the apartment are mine.
I like that no-one knows when I'm talking to myself.
I like that the only underwear I have to pick up is mine.
I like not having to justify, or even rationalize, my spending habits.
I like that my stuff doesn't get wrecked.
I like knowing exactly how much junk food I have in the house.
I like having all of the closet space in the apartment to myself.
I like being able to leave things lying around and knowing they'll still be exactly where I left them when I go back to find them.

There are a handful of things that I don't like about being single.

I miss human contact. Sometimes my nerve endings tingle because it's been so long since I touched another living creature.
I am a little bit scared to take out the garbage and the recycling.
I get frustrated with all the food that goes to waste because I can't finish it but can't buy lactose-free skim milk in less than 1 L containers.
I hate preparing food for myself.
I get lonely when I wake up from a screaming nightmare and there's no one to curl up to.
I like stealing body heat from furnace-like men.
I would prefer to watch TV with company.
I avoid watching movies alone unless I have seen them many times before.
I love sharing the weekend newspaper with someone else.
I wouldn't mind having a go-to person with whom I could share dim sum and take-out sushi.

I think the first list is still longer. And, let's face it, the second list is pretty easy to work around.


Victoria said...

Um, did you go directly into my brain and steal this post from there? I think you did, cuz those are my thoughts exactly111

Elusive Butterfly said...


geekhiker said...

Considering the last comment you left on my blog, I really have no idea what to say. I think simply that what you categorize as "rationalization" isn't necessarily always a bad thing...