Friday, August 29, 2008

Date fail

Well, that was frustrating. Date fail, no doubt. I had hoped, at the very least, for a scruffy, goateed kiss on the cheek. No dice. I walked away in the rain. I can't decide if it was sweet that he told me that he wanted to reach out and hold my hand three times but didn't or if it's just lame. That I had to reach for his arm when he walked me half way home. And I was most offended when he chose to remind me that I had initiated first contact. After a lovely evening of compliments, teasing, debate and much laughter. My heart hurts.


just me said...

Hmmm...that's tough. You have to keep in mind that not everybody is comfortable with physical contact, but at the same time, his lack of boldness could be interpreted as indifference. I would probably give it one or two more dates, but if it makes you feel bad about yourself, it's not worth it.

Asshat said...

Perhaps Wiggles wants to be seduced. I would, if I were he.