Saturday, August 23, 2008

Date night with a nice man (part deux)

Date #2 was equally as pleasant as Date #1, but without alcohol and much more walking. And daylight. Lunch at Fran's Diner followed by a long, long walk to what used to be Tequila Bookworm (now called Greenavi) and a completion of the walk home. The Darwin exhibit closed in early August so we didn't make it to the ROM.

I don't know what to do with a gentleman with good manners. I'm so used to being on guard for attacks on my personal space that I sometimes have trouble making eye contact with him. I used to be shy in Grade 5. Perhaps that was the last time I met a nice person of the male gender.

Delorean asked me this evening, "do you like him?" I don't know. On the surface, yes, he seems very nice.

What is the difference between dating a gentleman and hanging out with a guy friend? I can't seem to tell. Perhaps that we haven't ruled out sleeping together? I flip flop between thinking that we have nothing in common and therefore I should never see him again and hoping that perhaps this normal dating thing will lead to a normal relationship thing. It's all very overwhelming and scary. I wonder if he feels it too. And when will we get to be ourselves with each other? Will it take longer because he's not actively trying to rip my clothes off at every opportunity?

He mentioned today that one advantage women have over men is that they have an established circle of friends with whom they can dissect a date. Men have no such support group. Unless the date happens to be heinous. I wonder if that means he's confused as well.

He's at the cottage this weekend so the earliest I will see him again is likely to be at the end of next week. If he calls. He did call today so perhaps he will call again.


Awkward, for you said...

it honestly sounds like you aren't interested at all. i
If you don't get butterflies in your tummy or excited nervousness toss him. Life is too short to question everything.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Isn't two dates a bit early to expect any of that? I barely know the man.

Amanda said...

I learned my lesson about this once...I walked away from a first date saying "eh"...But all my friends convinced me chemistry doesn't happen instantly. I stayed with that guy for EIGHT months before the lightbulb went off.

I am now with an amazing guy and I knew from our very first date that he is it!

Keep looking for that zah zah zoo!!!

Elusive Butterfly said...

Well, I doubt I'll wait 8 months for sparkle but I might just give it 8 days!

Alexandreena said...

I'm not sure I believe in sparkles. Although I did once stop seeing a guy because there were none.
I'd say give it a few more dates. He might just be more emotionally reserved and it may take a bit longer for him to open up...