Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Two weekends ago, A's boyfriend dumped her. Dumbass. He was a jerk about it too. Just snapped. Told her he had been miserable for the past two years. We're both wallowing in it a bit. I just finished a 2 hour phone call with her. The second of the day. Although, technically, there was one 2 hour phone call on Tuesday and one 2 hour phone call today. There were words coming to me about how another small piece my heart turns to stone with every increment of relationship failure. How, one day soon, my friends will look into my eyes and find a soul turned to granite. At least, it will no longer be tortured. But then the words dissipated and I fell asleep on the phone. It's just as well really. She was off to the gym. She's several time zones away. I miss her.