Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shake it, shake shake it...

I shook it like a polaroid picture and came home with a centrepiece. Yay random fish bowl vase and sickly pink flowers! The wedding was nice. I had to escape for a while. Perhaps too much wine and "ra ra marriage" crap. But overall I had a great time and I wish I could have danced for longer. Yeah, it does suck to be the single girl at weddings. But I've decided that I'm not settling for marriage unless I can find me a man that can twirl me around the dance floor the way the groom's parents did tonight. It was lovely and that's my dream. A dream is a wish that the heart makes, right?

Tomorrow, high tea with the ladies at the Millcroft Inn in Caledon followed by Amal in the evening with the kid. My horoscope says I'm in for a wonderful few days. I certainly hope that's true. A good friend is defending on Monday morning so I'm setting aside the entire day for that. Tuesday I have to prepare for clients and go to school. Wednesday and Thursday are major client and site related activities. Nothing planned for the weekend yet.

Oh, and how cool is the Batmobile?? We killed 3 hours this afternoon between ceremony and reception at the movies. Having never seen any of the other Batman movies, I have no idea if this one was up to par. But that Christian Bale... ROWR!


Awkward, for you said...

quick question by dear butterfly, do you have mono? If so can we share a beverage? I'm really into getting that right now, it's totally the new black.

I'm glad you had fun at the wedding. Weddings can be quite haggard and awkward. deserve better then Grey

Awkward, for you said...

baby alien eh? Uh only if it's Male. I hear those female alien's are high maintenance; especially when they want to mate. Yikes! Good luck at the doctor!
...and again if you have the mono let me know. I hear it's like the best diet ever. ;)