Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pukey McPuke-alot

Food poisoning sucks. Throwing up bites. It was coming out of both ends for a while there. Damn beef Shawarma. I'm very glad I have two bathrooms. I know it sounds ridiculously neurotic but I like having one toilet bowl to throw up in and the other to do everything else in! If my head is going to be next to ceramic, it better be bleached and sparkly until the moment I puke.

I called Grey and he delivered. Brought me everything I asked for in under an hour. White Wonder bread, Canada Dry ginger ale, President's Choice organic chicken broth. I almost called Denis but I thought, of the two that I want to keep, Grey is definitely it. But now I'm thinking that perhaps I should keep both and have a relationship with neither.

First though, a nap.

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