Friday, August 22, 2008

Date night - not solo - with a nice man

Dating is so weird and awkward. I hate it. I had a nice, pleasant first date with a teacher this evening. Grade 5 and 6 with a math specialization. His last name is worthy of a cartoon character. We had plenty to talk about. He has good manners and dresses decently. Likes to dance which is a big bonus mark in his favour. But I felt less than comfortable. I think I just feel more at ease with the not-so-nice guys who take what they want, when they want it. Why? We're going to the Darwin exhibit at the ROM tomorrow. He said he would call late morning-ish. He didn't make a move. Well, not exactly anyway. He said I picked a cool ice cream spot and, as a prize, I could either have some of his ice cream cone or a kiss on the cheek. I shot that down. Because that's what bitchy girls do, right? Make men work for it. Right? Argh. I miss Grey.


Asshat said...

So you want somebody who's more Ted Bundy and less Mr. Chips?

Alexandreena said...

Nice is not so bad. I'm starting to slowly learn that.

Have fun at the ROM!

Asshat said...

Aw, man Oh, Hitler had Ava Braun,
Manson had Squeaky Fromme,
Ted Bundy got lots of dates,
I wonder what I'm doing wrong.
I don't pretend to understand women's little quirks
Just one thing I know for sure - chicks dig jerks, yeah.

-- Bill Hicks

Elusive Butterfly said...

It's sweet that you're comparing Grey to sociopaths. I love you for that Asshat.

Asshat said...

Grey a sociopath? Nah, Denis maybe, but not Grey. It's just too hard to picture a short, stoned guy in a camel-hair coat as a true sociopath. I think Grey's just self-absorbed and a bit of a jerk. My point was just that nice guys, like Mr. Wiggles, usually lose out to the Greys of the world. The operating principle is that "chicks dig jerks." QED.