Monday, August 11, 2008


So, my dad seems to think I have strep throat or tonsillitis. I described my tonsils to him last night in an email and got an email this morning telling me to go see my doctor so that she could put me on antibiotics as soon as possible. I have to be at school all day tomorrow - and will likely be a public health hazard - but I'm going to see her on Wednesday morning. Maybe after she puts me on antibiotics I can pick up bubble tea on the way home. God forbid I actually have to have my tonsils out. They don't do that anymore do they?

I couldn't sleep last night. It seemed that every time I started to drift off into dreamland, I had nightmares about Denis and Oompa Loompas. I think I finally got a couple of hours sleep late this morning before I got up and walked to the grocery store and school. Fortunately I was only at school for a few minutes to put a note on the muffle furnace. I had mashed potatoes for dinner. Ate them out of the pot while sitting on the couch watching the whitewater kayaking portion of the Olympics. I think that makes me a mashed couch potato.

UPDATE: Grey sent me a text message. His glands are swollen and he feels like he's starting to come down with something. Now I feel guilty. For telling X that I hope he gets it too and saying "muahaha". Karma. Damn.

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