Friday, August 8, 2008

Still sick and somewhat confused

Argh. Am well and truly sick. Right gland is swollen and protruding out of my neck. Drinking Neo Citran but unlikely to go camping tomorrow.

Spent the day with Grey. Was no water in my apartment building this morning so called him to bitch and moan. He said I should come over and shower and then go for dim sum. Then we spent the afternoon alternately having sex and paddleboarding (also known as stand up paddle surfing). It was good but really wore me out. We also watched a movie, I think. I forget. Oh right, What Happens in Vegas. It was actually quite funny. There was some tv in there as well. Last Comic Standing. Overall he was quite good to me. He even made me laugh. I guess he's the kind of man that likes to punish himself. Didn't ask me once about the other man. Perhaps that makes us perfect for each other.

Denis sent a text message late tonight. Turns out he dropped off some stuff for me this evening. I had left my bug spray at the cottage and he also built me a pipette stand. Unfortunately, it won't work even a little bit because he didn't keep my drawing. But I suppose it's the thought that counts. He's totally sending mixed messages. He said he built it because he was thinking about me. Probably thinking about how great the sex was and what an idiot he was for being the one to cut it off. He also said I should keep his sweater as a gift and that he would return my book after he had finished reading it. And that he hoped he would see me again and maybe we could hang out. That if I needed anything, I should call him because he's there for me. To quote a friend, "Jeebus!" What the heck is his problem?

8am update: Definitely not going camping. Fever of 99.7. Was chilly all night. Tossed and turned. Now hurts even more to swallow. Need anaesthesia.

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Alexandreena said...

Hope you feel better soon. Men are weird!