Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unsympathetic jerk

Grey is such a fucker. He just called me to bitch and moan that he's supposed to go up to the cottage and he feels fine but doesn't want to go if he's going to get sick. He wanted to know how long it took me to get sick and how bad it was. No friggin' sympathy or anything. Just "goddammit, there's going to be kids up there". I really want to write him a flamer right now but maybe I'll wait and be scathing later on this afternoon. I didn't want to go paddleboarding on Thursday because I wasn't feeling 100% and he called me chicken shit. I told him we shouldn't have sex because my glands were swollen and I was probably coming down with something but he jumped me anyway. Serves him damn well right. Jerk.

I'm going to school now. I will probably be a walking public health hazard but it's a sacrifice I am forced to make in the pursuit of my stinkin' graduate degree. I don't have the time, energy or resources to start this experiment over again and that's what I would have to do if I don't go to school today. I'd rather whimper and crawl back into bed. Instead, I'm going to go in, turn on the muffle furnace, put the desiccant in the other furnace and come home for breakfast. I hate school. I think I hate Grey too.

UPDATE: He's on his way to the cottage. Jerk.

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