Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ick still sick

I really have nothing to post except for sordid sicky details. A's parents came by with food. I have spent the entire day alternating between freezing cold and sweating like a racehorse on ecstasy. Did a load of laundry and am glad I have at least 3 sets of summer pjs. It still hurts to talk and swallow. My hips ache too. Damn old age. Been watching the Olympics when not in too much pain to focus. My mother said that viruses make the fever worse at certain times of the day. As loath as I am to believe anything she says, I'm beginning to wonder if she might be right. That Kyle Shewfelt really is something. I emailed him. I doubt he'll ever read it but I had to let him know how inspiring his story is. Was feeling better earlier this evening and even ordered a pizza. Now my large intestine is protesting. The weather has been appropriate - thunder and lightning and rain all day. Very glad I didn't go camping. Wish that Grey would call or text to find out if I was okay. Am thoroughly enjoying the RBC Olympics commercials but am unsurprised that not a single Air Canada employee appears happy in theirs.


Alexandreena said...

Hope you'll feel better soon!

Bluemooner said...

I hope you feel better soon. It sucks to be sick in the summer.