Sunday, August 24, 2008

My ex-boyfriend is a priest

I went to church today. The Priest was giving his last sermon of the summer before he goes back for his last year of God preachy school stuff so I thought I would go see if he is good at his new job. To be honest, perhaps because I'm not Roman Catholic, most of his short sermon was over my head. Except for the part that he alienated me (and probably a significant percentage of his congregation) with the phrase "the evils of artificial contraception". The sermon wasn't even about that, or gender issues at all. It was about the importance of the papacy in the lives of RCs. Anyway, even though I'm not practicing my own religion and know very little about it, I doubt I will ever convert to Catholicism.

Moving right along to Mr W (who is a practicing RC), his emails make me inordinately happy. If only our entire relationship could be conducted in writing. He's on dial up at the cottage so I can only really expect one per day but it makes me smile to see his name pop up in my Gmail notifier. I think we're going to Dream in the Park next week but he didn't specifically ask me to go with him so my response was equally ambiguous. I sent him the details without specifically using the words "I", "we" or "us". I hope he gets the hint. Apparently, during his undergrad, he was known as Captain Goodtimes, partly because he used to abuse the phrase "good times" and because he was a bit of a partier. I told him that I had trouble picturing that aspect of his character because my first impression of him was far more straight-laced and buttoned-down so he either needs a cape and tights or a new nickname. For the purposes of this blog, I will refer to him as Mr W. It's short for Mr Wiggles but don't tell anyone!

I'm hoping to get a large chunk of my lab work done this week, if not all of it. I can't wait for this to be over so I can start writing. I'm sure I won't feel that way in a few weeks. I'll be so sick of my keyboard and monitor, I'll want to throw them out the window. I must remember to write in different locations every day. There's school which really sucks because I can't seem to get on the wireless network. And the office which is only a 20 minute walk but likely to involve expensive lunches with downtown coworkers. Ah well, whatever it takes. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Lab work first. Then writing.

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Alexandreena said...

I am a RC and completely alienated by their position on birth control, abortion, euthanasia etc. Haven't stepped in a church in years (well, except for a brief episode a couple of weeks ago, when it was either that or my shrink who charges way more...and I'm cheap, so church it was!)