Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who's the fool?

When I logged in, I had something to write about. But it escapes me now. I should really stop reading through my old blog entries. I write for my future, smarter self. But I don't think I'm getting any smarter. They're making me miserable and I should know how to be stronger than this.

I had an idea for an April Fool's joke. Email to Grey, subject line: Late

"My period is late. I'm sure it's just stress-related. Will know for sure when you get back from Jamaica. Don't forget to pack condoms!"

Cruel? He joked about it first on Saturday morning. I told him that I had woken up with sore breasts every day last week. After he suggested my being pregnant, I reminded him that his sperm are probably extinct. He's an almost-40, workaholic, alcoholic, cigarette-smoking, pothead stress ball. I'd be willing to bet my future he's shooting blanks. In fact, I regularly bet my future on the fact he's shooting blanks. His babies would be pretty damn cute though.

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