Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Argh! Who does a girl have to sleep with to get some sex around here? I called Grey and he declined. I'm so frustraged.
Lest you think that's a typo, I coined this term with the former drug dealer two summers ago.
frustraged (adj): a sense of thwarted purpose causing fits of anger and leading to premature hair loss

I was at an earth day gala event today and they were giving out tree-shaped awards (!) And the main speaker, although dreamy and totally cute Canadian royalty, was cheesy and long-winded and boring. I was hoping he would be inspirational and motivational but I guess not everyone can be David Suzuki. I had to leave half way through to go to the ladies room. And I had to leave part way through the awards to have a cigarette. I probably shouldn't have had three glasses of wine but I was so bored. Even the food was mediocre.

Perhaps I need a third cigarette to offset the effects of the third glass of wine. I just want to growl at everyone.

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cce said...

Thanks for stopping by with sex tips and commitment book recommendations...that truly is good mix of stuff in one comment. And I sooo remember identifying with that same episode of Sex and the City. Some times bad boys are just more fun. Wishing you a Mr. Big and hoping he's just as wealthy and handsome.