Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Updates on boredom

I slept for hours and hours today. Baby called at 10.30 am which woke me up from a strange nightmare. And then I promptly went back to sleep until 2 pm. And now, naturally, sleep eludes me. I have cleaned the kitchen, run the dishwasher, done laundry, taken out the garbage, put away my winter shoes and pulled out the spring shoes. Made dinner, ate junk food. Watched hours and hours of tv. I even pretended to vacuum. And I just did a crossword and finished all of this week's Cricklers. I wonder if sleep and happiness are directly related.

I decided to invite Grey to dinner. He said no but sent me an email which made my day. He's pulling an all-nighter at the office and said he would call me later in the week when he has had time to catch his breath. He also said he had no sex stories to share because it was a couples resort. Yay! He didn't have casual sex with random strangers in Jamaica! I can still have sex with him! So I reminded him of a brief exchange from two weekends ago.

I asked him if he had changed his mind about taking me to Jamaica instead of his brother. That we could have sex on the beach, sex by the pool, sex at sunset... He asked if I had ever heard that saying about not taking sand to the beach. Which made me feel less than stellar at the time but I resolved not to let it bother me more than once or twice a day. So today I reminded him that he had said that to me. And he found that amusing and admitted perhaps he had made a mistake turning down five days of blow jobs. Which was my last minute attempt to bribe him. I would pretty much do anything for five days in Jamaica with him including breaking my "blowjobs are for boyfriends" rule. Sadly, we both lose. But I was right! He should have taken me instead of his brother. And he didn't have sex with anyone else. The part that makes me happy is that he thought that fact important enough to tell me right away. Call me crazy.

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