Saturday, April 26, 2008

High tea and Brit pop

I don't normally post about stuff I'm planning to do but I'm excited about today. The ladies are having tea in a couple of hours and there's going to be so much food! I'm baking scones and making cucumber sandwiches. Someone else is bringing Hannah desserts. I really must find out where her store is. The hostess is preparing sandwiches, mini cupcakes, cookies, cheese and chocolate fondue. And another lady is bringing strawberries. I think I need to prioritize my eating preferences so that I maximize my enjoyment. I already had a bowl of bran this morning to clear everything else out of my system. Definitely sandwiches to start so that I don't get a huge sugar rush. Then scones. Then egg-free mini cupcakes. I might pass on the cheese fondue and Hannah desserts and just have strawberries and chocolate fondue.

Then there's a bachelorette party later tonight. I don't know the girl really well but she's in my program at school and she is really great. We're meeting at her place and then going to the Mod Club on College St. It's Brit pop night tonight so I have no idea what to wear, what to expect. I probably won't even fit into my jeans after tea. Maybe I'll wear my oversize cream Guess pants. I don't really want to drink but I might have to if I'm bored with the music. The TTC is on strike which really sucks. I had hoped to take the streetcar home tonight but I'll have to take a cab instead. I'm looking at $25 with cover and cab fare to start and I'll have to buy her a drink and maybe a shot. Sigh. I really need to go back to work soon. I'm hemorrhaging money.

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orangebandage said...

The TTC strike is out of control! I drove my friend around Toronto yesterday to go pick up these cats he adopted at their foster home. Wouldn't you know it was on Bay and Bloor and peek shopping hours? Needless it say it took me 45 minutes to drive what usually is a 15 minute subway ride.
I hope you had fun at the MOD club. I've never been. What's the deal with Harlan lately?
-girl from Awkward, For you