Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Statute of limitations is 5 days and counting...

I had a good day today. A's flight arrived on time and our timing was perfect so we didn't have to pay for parking. Her parents were so surprised to see her at the door although I think they were too much in shock to really react. Then our friend from high school showed up about an hour later and freaked out. She was so happy and couldn't stop hugging her. It was really great. I love surprising people, even though I hate being surprised. We ate and talked for hours until A started to fade. If only she was a man, I would marry her and live happily ever after. We decided to get married after first year university after breaking up with a pair of loser boyfriends. She's perfect. Our parents are good friends. She's educated and intelligent and pretty. We have the same values and are best friends. So we joked around about having a lesbian wedding and she decided she wanted to wear the pants. She's the husband and I'm her wife. It's great. Her father fell for it a bit, especially after she said "But Baba, you should have known I would become a lesbian. You did send me to an all girls private school for my entire education. What did you think would happen?" but her mother giggled and blew our story.

On a somewhat related note, I'm back on the online dating scene again and it's as bad, or worse, if possible than the last time I tried it back in December after I split with Grey. I'm getting lots of hits but nothing has panned out. The guys' photos are crap and the profiles are poorly written and/or boring. The ones that do seem interesting and intelligent don't follow through after I give them my alternate email address. What's up with that? Actually, I think I know what's up. I've noticed that a lot of activity occurs on Friday after work or Saturday around lunch time so I think that people are using the sites as a way to get a last minute date or a fast hook up. So I'm giving this thing until the end of day Sunday.


Just as I finished typing that, someone messaged me and we just chatted for half an hour. He has an 8 year old. I don't know if I can date someone who has a kid. Most days I feel like an 8 year old myself. I guess it's shallow and naive of me to expect to find a man my age who hasn't been married and/or doesn't have kids. I wish someone had told me that I wouldn't marry X and that dating in my 30s would be hard. I would have signed up for that arranged marriage thing.

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