Sunday, April 20, 2008

Date night

I have decided to "date" my friends. I have been on some really great dates with Baby and Delorean. A few weeks ago, I brought over Indian food for dinner and then we went out for ice cream, drove out to Lakeshore and then walked around High Park. It was one of the best "dates" I have ever been on. Twice, we have been out to dinner and then to a club on Friday night. We always have a good time when we go out together. Last night, Baby and I watched a few episodes of House, went out for dinner and came home and played Dance Dance Revolution for an hour. We were looking for a pub on Bloor Street but they were all really busy so we ended up at a tiny, intimate Italian restaurant and spent two hours talking and eating. I can't even remember the name of the place and I'm not sure if I could find it again if I tried.

Tonight, I spent the evening with another couple. I'll call them Mr and Mrs Normal. We went for ice cream in Unionville and then walked around the park which was nice. Then we picked up fish and chips and watched several episodes of Sex and the City. It was a nice, low key evening. I drove away thinking that some day I would like to have that myself. But it's nice to know that, even if I never find it, they're around to rescue me when I need it.

When I'm done school, I would really like to buy property. I don't particularly want to buy a condo or townhouse but a house is too much work, and probably not financially feasible, for a single girl.

I wonder what, or who, Grey is doing tonight. I miss him a lot.

I'm hoping tomorrow won't be as bad as usual. I don't have plans during the day but I do have dinner plans with Charlie's parents. I miss that puppy too.

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