Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hot and cold

I think I worked out a little too hard today. Everything hurts. My hips, my knees, my shins. My hamstrings and hip flexors are so tight. Even my lower back is feeling old. Also, it occurred to me for the first time today that being cold during a work out might not be normal. And no, it's not because the gym is cold! When I start working out, it feels as though my core temperature drops and that spreads to my extremities. But I don't stay consistently cold. It comes and goes and, by the time I'm done working out, I'm sweaty and stay sweaty for at least an hour or more. I also get cold when I eat. I figure it's just poor circulation but it didn't occur to me until today when I suddenly felt cold even though the gym was sweltering.

And, on a totally unrelated note, I was watching Sex and the City today and there was an episode in Season 3 that really struck me. It was the one where Carrie and Aidan have the perfect, calm, functional relationship and she freaks out. She freaks out because she's not used to being with someone who is available and normal. Because there was no drama. So, long story short, she created some drama and ran into Big and then realized that Aidan was awesome. Which he is but I have always preferred Big to Aidan, and not just because I love Mike Logan reruns of Law and Order. I wondered if, despite my belief that relationships should be easy, whether I could cope with normal, dysfunction and nice? Somehow, I see a bit of Carrie Bradshaw in myself. So where is my Mr Big??

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Sister Sassy said...

I can't talk much about Sex in the City because I've only seen a few episode. But didn't Big get married and then have an affair with Carrie?

I identify with the drama causing thing myself. I knew how to function that way, but I was aware enough to finally use my head a bit in choosing a mate vs chasing after psychos all the time. Playing with Psychos is NO FUN!

I often ponder this topic, I think a lot of women have the same thing. I wonder where it comes from, romance novels? THe need to fix someone and change them? Or just not knowing how to be and stay safe and happy? I have no idea. I really try to watch myself though when I start leaning toward monotony and boredom.

...not that you asked lol. Sorry for the long post.

On the warm/cold note...very interesting. I wonder if your body has to work extra hard to digest and sweat so it steals blood and such from everywhere else.