Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Uh oh

I may have agreed to brunch with Denis. He has been pretty persistent. A few Fridays ago he offered to buy me a drink via text message. I ignored it because I was busy and, frankly, I'm not sure I even like him as a person very much. Last night he texted to ask how my experiment went. We went back and forth for a bit before he offered to buy me lunch (ostensibly because he still can afford to buy me lunch despite the global financial situation threatening his present retired slum lord status). I agreed to maybe brunch this weekend.

Sigh. Why can't I say no to people??

Grey texted me too last night to apologize for ignoring/avoiding me for the past week or so. I responded with "No worries, we'll catch up later. Hugs." and haven't heard since.

Sigh. Why can't I be with the one I want. Instead of the insane, sociopathic, angry control freak conspiracy theorist?

I'm off to pilates now. Then it's leftover lasagna and mashed potatoes for dinner with a side of recorded TV on the couch. Now that's what I call happiness.


Asshat said...

You really could say no, you know.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Asshat, I believe you missed the entire second paragraph. I have Please-itis. It's a form of debilitating weakness that makes me say yes to other people to make them happy at the expense of my own happiness. Alas, there is no cure. It can be managed with daily doses of self-confidence and bitchiness as well as overscheduling your life so you are legitimately busy all the time. But, when pressed, it's still difficult to actually say the word no. Instead, I'm channeling my inner male jackass and hoping for an unintentionally game-playing blend of non-committal aloofness.

I just wish I could do that with Grey. "Hugs" indeed. Urgh.

Asshat said...

I read your second paragraph. It was a rhetorical question to which the correct answer is, "well, you can just say no to people."

Sorry to be so harsh, but I just can't buy into the please-itis concept. And, unless you didn't share here some redeeming feature that Denis may have, he sounds like an unrepentant sociopath. My Dutch-uncle advice is to leave him alone . . . calls unreturned, e-mail not answered.

Let him continue to dance across his tiny livingroom all by himself.