Friday, October 17, 2008

Grey's birthday

He spent it golfing. I spent it working, doing wedding crap and getting new tires. Yay new tires! Actually, it's a bit hilarious that I put BFGoodrich Touring tires on my Crapolla but wow do they ever rock! They're quiet and the car handles so nicely now. I almost went for a big drive but I think I'll save that for Sunday. Thank you Costco and Baby. I should really get my own membership. Anyway, $380 later and I'm satisfied. I don't even have to get them retorqued!

Now, I just want to spend the rest of the evening lying on the couch. I can't though. I have to go out. Stinkin' birthday parties. I should get in the shower and wash my hair and shave. I can at least manage that. I thought about stopping at Tom's Dairy Freeze on The Queensway on my way home. A hot fudge sundae would medicate my mood nicely. But I need ice cream like I need a new hole in my head. Sigh, what to wear?

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