Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chick flicks, chatter and chocolate fondue.

I spent the evening with a different group of girlfriends. Friends from "The University" actually. I was dreading it a tiny bit because we have never socialized outside of official school events (which I typically organized) but this was dinner and chick flicks and wine and fondue. And waffles which, obviously, I did not eat. I had a really good time. There was much loud talking at a very rapid pace which is always a good sign among women. My tea ladies and undergrad friends do the same and it's tough to keep up sometimes. Rarely does a conversation ever get finished. But there was much bonding and chocolate and I'm totally stuffed. I think I ate all of my calories for the week tonight. I hope we do it again some time.

Tomorrow I am going to the office to hear my old mentor talk about sustainability stuff. I'm hoping it's packed full of useful information that I can use in my next job application for "sustainability expert". I know very little about "sustainability". I should remember to take notes. I'm really hoping he doesn't give a dumbed down talk. I need high level stuff with jargon and conceptual, implementable ideas. Maybe my expectations are too high. The last sustainability presentation was pretty crap. At least we're getting lunch.


Alexandreena said...

Chocolate, wine and girlfriends sounds like the recipe for a great evening!

Asshat said...

You just named 3 things that each have given me terrible headaches.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Me or Alexandreena?