Friday, October 10, 2008

Blue job

I am in desperate need of a husband. I need new tires for my poor little Crapolla. Last time I replaced my tires (back in 2004), I just walked into a Kal Tire and took whatever they gave me. I ended up spending $700 and got about 70,000 km out of them. Not good. It's mostly my fault for not rotating them and driving around with squishy tires. I'm a terrible car owner. I never wash it or vaccuum it or check the tire pressure or the oil. I have only ever taken it to the dealership for servicing. The only saving grace is that I usually do it within 30 days of when it should be taken in.

My poor little car has been very good to me. I have abused it a lot. Sometimes it thinks it's an SUV. Other times it thinks it's a Porsche. I push it as far as I can. I bought the car Thanksgiving 2000 because I was tired of my mother constantly screaming at me for using her car. I need a car to work. It's in my contract. My dad told me I had to buy a Toyota. I was going to buy a Sunfire or a Neon and run it into the ground but my dad put his foot down. He also paid the difference in price. I am lucky and I should treat my car better.

When I took my car in about a couple of weeks ago to have the tires rotated, the mechanic was very, very reluctant to let me drive away without replacing my tires. He kept yelling through the glass windows, "it's not safe!" My customer service rep, Mike, told me under no conditions was I to drive in snow. I need to get new tires very soonly.

My budget is about $85 per tire with free installation and rotation. Not easy to find. I need all-season tires. I know, they suck but I don't have room to store a second set of tires. I also don't want to put a touring or high performance tire on my poor little Crapolla. The mileage on my car is 130,000 km. I may not get another 100,000 km out of it. So why spend $120 per tire?

Kal Tire has the best warranty in North America. But they're charging an arm and a leg for it. I just went around the corner to Active Green + Ross and they have a couple of options. But they are only located in Ontario so what happens if I move back to BC? I went to my dealership too but I'm not going back there for tires. Their service is generally pretty crap. I hate taking my car there but it's the closest dealership and close to A's parents house. I was thinking about going to Crappy Tire (aka Canadian Tire) but I read a lot of poor reviews on their in-house brand. I haven't been into an actual automotive centre to talk to anyone just yet. Maybe I'll do that this afternoon. But first, I need a nap.

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Asshat said...

I put a set of Goodyear Assurance something-or-others on the Celica about 3 months ago using somebody's employee discount and somebody else's coupons during Goodyear's annual sale. I spent about $400.00. They aren't wonderful tires, but they're quiet. Since then I've been back to the Goodyear store twice with slow leaks because they didn't bother to clean the corrosion off the rims before they mounted them. And 8 years of road salt and general neglect were unkind to the rims. So, my life lesson learned is to make sure that whoever installs them does a conscientious job. Spending $700 on tires is ridiculous, unless you're some sort of midnight street racer and most of those extra warranties they try to sell aren't worth a damn. Unless things in Canada are radically different, you should be able to get something for $85 that should last a couple of years.