Monday, October 20, 2008


My back is killing me. I can feel my painkillers working every time my uterus contracts. I am definitely not going through childbirth. I wonder if I can get an epidural for my cramps?

I'm swamped and behind on work. I put in almost a full week last week. And considering that Monday was a holiday, that's pretty impressive even for me. Especially if you consider that more than 50% of those hours were billed this weekend. I really have got to stop procrastinating. I had dinner with some septuagenarians this evening which was highly entertaining and informative, as always, but it sucked up 4 hours of my time. Hopefully I can get up early tomorrow morning and put in another 12 hours.

3.36 am update: I yam still awake. My back still hurts but less because I took more drugs. I love prescription painkillers. Except that they make my tummy sore. I yam really going to sleep now.

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Victoria said...


I had a similar thing last night. Effed up my back, took Robaxacet to sleep and they messed up my stomach so I woke up feeling puky (and sore!) damnit.

Get better, kay!