Friday, October 3, 2008

But the granny underwear is more comfortable

Parts of today were much better than yesterday. For a start, it rained all day which was lovely. And the lab stuff finally went completely according to plan and nothing broke. Well, that's not true. I dropped a beaker but nobody knows about that so shush. Also, the lab crap was punctuated by yoga class which was awesome, as always. I should really do that every day. I wish I could put my instructor in my pocket and bring her home. She's great.

Then I came home and got 10 reports dumped on me for review before my site visit tomorrow morning. Fortunately they were all extremely truncated and I'm an outrageously fast reader. Just as I finished up, a friend texted me to come meet her for a drink. It was a pre-class boozy call. Ha. I decided I needed to pre-drink to meet my buddy's wife. She was laid off yesterday. Yeah, ouch. Happy freakin' birthday.

Anyway, it turns out I didn't need to pre-drink because he got back early and even arrived at the pub before she did. Then they spent most of the evening canoodling on the other side of the table from me while I attempted to disguise my discomfort by tactfully averting my eyes upwards and watched reflected baseball in the mirror above their heads. Actually, I guess I did need to pre-drink! To be fair, it was all him. She's pretty reserved and I guess he was trying to be comforting. Or something. It was pretty gross. Bluergh, as my Aussie friend would say.

Then I came home and watched Chuck. I love that show. I love Chuck. I might even pick Mrs Chuck Bartowski over Mrs Greg House. Because really, Chuck is sweet and geeky and I dig nerds way more than I dig bad boys.

I need to go to sleep now. I might be going out tomorrow night. I'm ambivalent about it. I know I should go because I just think that I want to stay home on the couch and watch TV. But then, when it's 11 pm and I can't sleep, I'll wish that I had put some lip gloss on and behaved like a real 30-something single girl and not a decrepit old granny.

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