Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feeling icky

I don't feel so hot. I'm not sure if it was the glass of red wine (makes me congested), the peppers in my pasta (I just don't like them and wonder if it's my body sending me a message) or the hot fudge sundae from Tom's (which I have eaten many, many times before) but something tonight didn't agree with me.

If I can't write about humiliating experiences here... wait, I don't think I want to remember this particular experience.

Anyway, I'm freezing cold and exhausted and it's early. I'm actually really going to bed right now. I hope I feel better in the morning.

PS The earlier part of today was good. I found more merino wool longjohns at Lululemon. They're calling them wooly tights this year though. I swear by them. Wear them every single day in the winter and couldn't live without them. They're breathable, very warm and light enough to wear under dress pants. I've tried fleece, I've tried cotton but merino wool is where it's at. Go by some if you're north of the 49th parallel. Oh, hem, Toronto is south of that. Yeah, go by some if you're cold like me. I would link to them but they're virtually impossible to find online. So I wrote this feedback to Lululemon.

Dear Lululemon

You are doing yourselves a serious disservice. In 2007 at the Toronto warehouse sale, I bought some bright blue merino wool long johns. Since then I have looked long and hard for another pair because I swear by them. My girlfriends laugh at me but they are my favourite LL product and I wear them almost every day for the entire winter. Finally, I found them in the Eaton Centre store this afternoon. Only this year, you're calling them woolly tights. I don't care what you call them. Please just promote them! I have looked all over my local stores, surfed the entire website and even contacted guest services (or whatever the email feature is called) and nobody could direct me to them. I wanted to link to them on my blog but I couldn't do that because I can't find them! This is a great product. Hell, I would model them for you if you wanted (not that I'm suggesting that's a good idea, I don't exactly have a LL body!).


Alexandreena said...

My base layers for skiing are all merino wool and I love, love, love them. Nothing comes close.

Asshat said...

Peppers and sundae probably don't mix well. Pepto Bismol might help.

Thanks, but I doubt I'll be taking your suggestion about the longjohns. They probably wouldn't fit too well, Eaton Centre's a long drive, I can't stand wool next to my skin and at our balmy 41 degree latitude they'd probably just make me sweaty.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Asshat, normally I can't stand wool next to my skin either. I get all itchy and raw. But the merino wool is so light and smooth that it feels like I'm practically naked. Often when it's snowing outside, as soon as I get inside the house, I strip off my soaking wet outer layer and then just wander around the apartment in my longjohns. They're better than my pjs! Where the heck are you anyway? I thought 41 degrees was cold too: PA, MA, NY etc.

d said...

I hope you feel better!! Living in California, I don't need any layering, but if I ever do, I will take your recommendation :)