Friday, October 24, 2008

My uterus is hiding

Yay, I'm home before midnight! There is no more effective birth control than a room full of screaming children. I thought that, if I showed up after 8, most people with kids would have left but I was wrong. They were still there and the kids were cranky and tired. When I walked in the door, I could have sworn there were more children than grown ups. There weren't but it really felt like it. My hostess warned me on the phone which was a good thing otherwise I would have been totally overwhelmed! Fortunately, most of the kids were gone by 9.30. I am very ambivalent about having children. I spent most of my 20s adamantly not wanting one. Then I met someone who made me think that having kids with the right man wouldn't be such a bad thing. Now, I doubt I will meet the right man so the thought of kids is just sheer insanity. Plus, I like my space and my time and my silence. I am a very selfish individual and I'm okay with that. Sadly though, I didn't have the energy or creative juices to carve a pumpkin this year. I thought about carving the company logo in a silent, ironic protest but then I realized I couldn't charge that time and would be "working" for free. Instead I sat on the couch and tried not to let the overwhelming baby-ness show too much on my face.

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Asshat said...

It should be possible to rent children by the hour, but it isn't.