Thursday, May 29, 2008

To skank or not to skank?

No real news to report tonight.

I read this comment online today. "Sometimes, love doesn’t have to be sweet to be love."

I get to go to work tomorrow. Nothing very exciting but I'm hoping for at least 2 hours of work.

Talked to a guy I met online on the phone this evening. He's a straight hair dresser. He has an 8 year old son. While I don't want to be an instant mother, I'm not comfortable ruling someone out that I've never met. Maybe I'm being naive. He was on his way out so he said he would call back later this evening but I'm getting tired of waiting and will probably go to bed soon. Not his fault that I had nightmares this morning. But still a bad sign.

Presentation went well this afternoon. At least, on my end. My supervisors couldn't figure out what's up with my data either. For once, I don't feel stupid following a meeting with them.

Oh, also I bought the most outrageous top. It was not cheap but it looks pretty damn good. It's low cut in front with a large cowl neck and a racer back behind. The arm openings go down to my waist. I can't wear a bra with it so I bought some double sided tape and that seems to do the trick. I bought it thinking I would probably return it but now I'm debating wearing it to the concert next week. Too obvious? I mean, he already knows what I look like naked.


Gypsy at Heart said...

If you look at yourself wearing it and can think the word "tasteful" or "sexy" in your head, then no, it is not obvious at all. Also, I've got another one for you: Titillation is halfway to seduction. Getting naked is by no means the final revelation of a woman's charms. God, I do believe I'm filled with second rate quothiness this morning aren't I?

Elusive Butterfly said...

Definitely tasteful and sexy. I don't do skanky and the title of the post was very much tongue-in-cheek. If anything, I could show much more skin/cleavage/leg but I'm not comfortable with this body that used to be skinny like a pair of chopsticks and is now closer to pre-Raphaelite. I'm not fat, just curvy, but I still haven't gotten used to that. You'd think 10 years would be long enough but no. And, the crazy thing is, I know that I'll wish I had appreciated my figure more after I have babies. Is female self-esteem a conundrum or what?