Sunday, May 4, 2008


Grey was nice to me. Really nice to me. The way he was with me back in October before things went horribly awry. I can't figure out what's going on but I'm not going to question him about it. I can accept it. And I'm assuming it won't last. I'm just happy I didn't spent the rest of the day feeling not great about myself.

He called me while I was watching Iron Man with a friend so I ended up going over there for dinner on Friday night. And then, of course, we ended up having sex. I really didn't want to. I don't like having sex right before my period because it makes my cramps worse but he's just so damn irresistible! And now I'm freaked because my period hasn't shown up but I'm in pain and the rest of my body thinks I'm on my period. God, I hate being a girl. In my next life, I'm definitely going to be a man. Anyway, I passed out while we were watching the 11th hour so I'll have to watch it again. He had already seen it but wanted to watch it again. Weird? I think so. We were fast asleep well before midnight.

This morning, I read my book on stable isotopes in bed while he worked out. He showered and came back to bed for a cuddle. I broke my rule again! But he was so clean and damp and soapy smelling and was being so sweet that I just felt compelled to reward his good behaviour. He was even nice at breakfast. He made beans and I said that beans would be better with toast. It turns out he's had bread this whole time but I never saw it because he kept it in the freezer. When he asked how I liked my toast, I said "lightly toasted". He said "whole or cut into pieces." With beans, definitely whole. But I asked him if would have cut my toast into triangles if I had wanted it that way and he said "of course". I'm frankly flabbergasted.

And then, as if that wasn't nice enough to almost make up for all the cranky hungoverness I've had to put up in the past few months, he let me cuddle for two and a half hours while we sat through The Mist. It was The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen Ever. God, two and half hours of my life that would have been awful if I hadn't been squeezed next to him on the couch. It was almost blissful. He even called me "suction cup".

I'm so very satisfied right now.

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Ki said...

Hi Butterfly (a.k.a Mrs. Greg House). I've been reading over your blog and it's funny how even though I don't know you, I hope for you. I hope that you become impervious to Grey's charm and X, then just as you do some wonderful isotope loving man will sweep you off your feet. ;)