Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Apparently Tuesdays are also painful

I started my 24 hour experiment today. The centrifuge tubes haven't arrived but my awesome supervisor cut my workload down by about 70% so I'm trying to keep the bitching to a minimum. I spent 15 hours in the lab today and just walked in the door. I have to be back there in 6 hours so I had better go to sleep. I have to collect samples at 8 hours, 16 hours and 24 hours so tomorrow is going to be another long day. I can't decide if I should collect 15 mL in one centrifuge tube and then pipette 5 mL into test tubes as I need it or just collect 5 mL in three centrifuge tubes. Issues include test tube availability and fridge/freezer storage space. I think I'm going to do the latter as I HATE washing glassware. Did I mention that washing glassware is the bane of my graduate experience? I left dirty glassware in the lab tonight. Shocking, I know. I'm just very tired. Dead on my feet, in fact. And my left shoulder is so sore that, as I type this, my head is tipped over so that my right ear is almost touching my right shoulder. I probably look like a freak. Pardon the political incorrectness but one of the new undergrad lab assistants appears to have Tourettes. It's distracting.

Oh yes, I also talked to X today while I was labeling erlenmeyer flasks. We had a pretty good catch-up session. We decided he shouldn't bother inviting me to his wedding given that his ideal situation is that he would invite me and I would decline. I figured they would feel that way. So why waste an invitation and postage? It's just easier this way. No drama, no fuss, no further discussion.

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