Saturday, May 24, 2008

Now I get it

I ran into Grey today. We didn't continue with week 5 of the Friday evening booty calls because it was guy's night tonight. We decided on post dim sum Sunday sex instead.

So tonight I ended up going out with Baby and Delorean and my friend who doesn't like her husband. We had dinner and then were walking to a club when we ran into him walking the other way. I introduced him to everyone and there was a general gasp of breath and smiles all around. It was funny. Also, he didn't look that good. Everyone said he was cute and attractive. And short. I'm taller than him in my kitten heels. He is short, and I obviously find him attractive despite that, but he could have looked better tonight.

He was wearing his camel-coloured old man sport coat and a tacky light brown t-shirt underneath. It said "Come back in a few beers" blah blah. For the first time ever, I looked better than him. And I did look good. I looked great. Now I get why women feel great when they run into an ex while looking fabulous. Anyway, I won't be giving him a hard time about that jacket anymore. Or guy's night out. Especially when they go together. Although, maybe he was planning to pick up a different type of woman tonight.

And all of that didn't stop me from thinking about him all night, even while I was trying to meet cute men at the club.

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