Monday, May 5, 2008

Mondays are painful

Exhausting 11 hour day in the lab. My shoulder is wrapped so tight I could launch a missile off it. This week is going to be rough. I'm hoping to start my 24 hour experiment tomorrow. I'd like to be finished by 6 pm on Wednesday so I can enjoy my Wednesday and Thursday evening catch up sessions with two ladies I haven't seen in months. Priorities! On a mildly positive note, I asked my supervisor if he still thought I could defend this year and he seems to think so. That's a relief and additional source of much-needed motivation. Bed. Now.


Asshat said...

I'm a little confused. Does your shoulder hurt from all that squeezing that went on on Sunday? Also, I've never heard "suction cup" used as a term of endearment. I kind of like it, though. "My little suction cup."

Elusive Butterfly said...

Hi asshat. The shoulder pain is actually neck tension that spreads out. I have scoliosis and lordosis so I actually hurt all over but the shoulder/neck thing gets worse when I'm tired and stressed. As for suction cup, he first used it back in October because he liked that I'm physically affectionate. He has also called me a cuddle monster. I just like the way he feels. And smells. And tastes. And feels ;)

Asshat said...

Thanks. I'm sorry to learn about your spinal problems but I'm glad to read that Grey is pleasing you. I do have some additional questions, if you don't mind:

1. Are beans a common breakfast food in Canada? Here we usually make do with cereal, bagels, fruit and that sort of thing.

2. If blowjobs are for boyfriends exclusively and Grey gets blowjobs from you at least occasionally, is Grey then not your boyfriend? Or, because you get to make up the blowjob rule do you also get to waive it? If the latter, then why bother with a blowjob rule, or why bother with awarding boyfriend status?

3. Why is it a big deal that your toast could, hypothetically, be cut into triangles when you really didn't want it cut into triangles? Should you not be able to have your toast cut anyway you please?


Elusive Butterfly said...

Asshat, when did you become Ernest? Email me and I'll answer your questions in depth. The short answers are no, no, yes, because i enjoy wielding such power and when was the last time you offered to cut a booty buddy's toast into triangles the morning after?