Sunday, December 23, 2007

Raging fever

Short entry tonight. Date was okay. Long. 7 hours. Dinner at Sushi on Bloor, walk along Bloor St, brief tour of his place, drinks at the Rose and Crown. Some parts better than others. Mostly when he was talking. Maybe that makes me uninteresting. In hindsight, lots of awkwardness. Normal for a first date? Not sure. Broke the rules. Talked about religion, politics, exes. Discussed Average American Male. Sweet that he bought me a windmill fridge magnet from Holland. Strange that he thought it would be okay to try and kiss me. Gave up towards the end of the night and started to be my sarcastic, defensive self. He said he wasn't intimidated. Tried to guess my breast size and asked how I felt about blow jobs. Told him a bit about X and Grey. Drove me home. He suggested lunch and that I call him. Then he never called back or emailed. May also have either deleted his LL profile or blocked me. When did it become okay to not return a phone call? No dating for a while. Entire episode made me miss Grey immensely. Must take cough syrup with codeine and go to bed. Fever is not nice. Shivery and achy and clammy and sweaty. Head hurts. Ugh.

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