Sunday, July 20, 2008

What kind of advice is that?

Irony is amusing. Two friends expressed disapproval today.

My friend who hates her husband met Denis last night. She called me this evening to express in no uncertain terms that she thought he wasn't good enough, that I could do better, that he was annoying and a little aggressive. I told her that I wasn't going to marry him or have his babies. That I haven't even slept with him yet. She seemed to think that was okay. I just can't stop shaking my head that she thinks she is in a position to give me advice on how to choose Mr Right.

Then another close friend expressed disapproval at our choice of activities and that I ended up staying over last night. The 420 was a bad idea. I fully admit that and was completely sober last night. As for the staying over, it really wasn't intentional. We didn't realize it was 5 am until we came down from the roof. Then we fooled around for an hour and fell asleep around 7 am. I was home by 7.30 am and went straight to bed. We had the conversation and we have to wait at least two weeks to have sex because I was so sick this month that I couldn't take my pill. He said he was okay with that and promised not to rip all my clothes off until I said it was okay.

And the phone calls. He text messaged me this afternoon. Asked me to call when I was able to. So I did, and even though I won't end up seeing me tonight, he asked me to call him tonight anyway. Which I am going to do right after I post this. I think I'm seeing him tomorrow. Hopefully it will be casual and low key because I'm really suffering from two nights of sleep deprivation.

He's not THE ONE. His apartment is a disaster, there have been too many raccoon incidents and his intensity is overwhelming. He's like a puppy and reminds me very much of B in the early days. That's how I know this isn't sustainable. But I can still play. Right?


Alexandreena said...

You can, and should, still play!

G in Berlin said...

He sounds pretty nice.Maybe that's why some of your friends don't like him? Perhaps they prefer you as they are used to you: a mess, with a man who treats you badly? As someone they can look down on and feel superior to?

Elusive Butterfly said...

G, my friends are not like that. Well, not the closest ones anyway. The other ones, well I could care less what they think. But my core of three or four best friends (girls and guys) have been telling me in no uncertain terms to ditch Grey almost since the very beginning. No, it's not that. I think it's because these two girlfriends haven't found what they think they need. Trouble is, they can't identify it because they're too busy judging others to examine their own lives. That's the sad part. And that's why I don't care what they think right now.

Asshat said...

It seems a bit too tough to judge a man by his interactions with raccoons. A couple weeks pass, let him rip off your clothes and then decide whether you want him for a playmate.