Thursday, July 31, 2008

My brain on crack

Experiment is over. Wired and exhausted and everything hurts. But glad it's over and very much looking forward to my bed tonight. After egg-free, dairy-free chocolate baby birthday cake for dinner.

Denis has been really great. Brought me food, come by to kill some time, picked me up and drove me home after the all-nighter and even helped out in the lab. He said he would build me a pipette stand.

We're going to his cottage tomorrow night. I still find myself thinking about Grey. Justifying my relationship with Denis to Grey in my head. Why? Actually, not a question I care to delve into while sleep-deprived. Or perhaps at all.

Why does everything seem so surreal when I'm sleep-deprived? It's almost like I'm high but instead of me being in slow motion, the rest of the world is.

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liz said...

hey. I've been reading your blog for a while now (found you through H's site). why do I always feel the need to "introduce" myself before commenting the first time? LOL

anyway. its good to read that there's a man in your life treating you with all the repect you deserve. and as far as justifying things in your mind to my experience, its better not to think about it. its just a mental circle jerk that will drive you crazy in the long run.