Monday, July 14, 2008

Planetary Perturbation

I think the planets are aligned today. Or misaligned. Or something.

I had a full Sunday and only felt lonely for a few scattered moments here and there.

This morning I had dim sum as a thank you for planning yesterday's baby shower. Then I went shopping for wedding dresses. Which, can I just say, is so much fun when you can make someone else try on a bunch of wedding dresses regardless of whether they're hideous or gorgeous. And this evening I had dinner with old family friends. Well, they're friends of my parents. But it was nice. It felt like having my own family and I had some awesome home cooking.

There were three families. My parents aren't visiting this summer but usually there are four sets of parents and two kids. The first set of parents belongs to my best friend A. She and I finished high school together here so I've only known them for about 15 years. The second set of parents are here visiting their son. He is a couple of years older than me and our parents have known each other for our entire lives. He even condescended to speak to me a couple of times today. He passed me grapes, let me put my glass of wine on the table without a coaster and said he would email me about his trip to Vancouver next weekend. More progress!

The third set of parents are my favourite. They are spirited and highly educated and fun and funny. They are the oldest - both over 75, I think - and they are the ideal old married couple. They make fun of each other, they complete each others' sentences, they interrupt each other, their non-verbal communication is seamless. I think they are actually still in love. If I can't have that, I don't want to get married.

And, when I got home tonight, I discovered I had missed a Skype call and two MSN messages from Grey. I didn't reply to any of them and I don't think that I will.

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