Wednesday, July 23, 2008


He didn't call. Text message but no phone call. I'm relieved because I spent all day thinking of reasons we're not compatible. It's just easier if he doesn't call. Then I can comfortably trust my instincts which are telling me he just isn't that into me but would be more than happy to have sex again.

Otherwise it was a productive day. I moved into another lab and started getting ready for my experiment. I'm hoping to start it next Tuesday or Wednesday.

I've been sending Grey text messages and emails in my head. Progress. And emailing a few people online. More progress. No bites so far. Perhaps, in addition to being eternally alone, I'm destined to be the single girl who does not date. And organizes weddings. Found invitations and giveaways for Baby today. Very productive. I'm going to bed before midnight for once.

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