Monday, July 14, 2008


I have a date on Thursday! I'm really freakin' nervous. It's a place called The Comrade on Queen St E. Did I mention I was really freakin' nervous? Frig. What to wear?! LBD or something casual? Frig. I am so bad at this.

Okay breath through the anxious. It's just practice for all the future dates so that when I meet Colin Firth I don't drop cocktail sauce in my lap while laughing hysterically at his dry British humour.

On a somewhat related note, a bizarre email thread occurred today between me and Grey.

To recap, he called me on Skype and sent me two MSN messages while I was out at dinner last night.

Then this morning he sent me an email apologizing for the "stupid" text messages.

Me: You don't have to apologize. You were drunk and I did ask. It was probably for the best anyway. I think I'm finally starting to get over you :) Now get down off that pedestal so I can make room for someone new!

Grey: Ok understood, I won't call of luck!!

M: What? Why not? What did you understand? I thought we were friends? I guess I was confused about all those times we talked on the phone and hung out and didn't have sex. Now I have to find someone new for dim sum, a j and Scrabble on Sundays too? Dammit!

G: sorry I miss understood, I love the time we spend together, I just don't want to stop you from meeting the one for you......can we do Dim Sum next Sunday?

M: Okay :) And you've never stopped me from doing anything I want to do (except maybe that time I wanted to go to Circa on my 30th birthday and you wanted to stay home but that doesn't count because they were your friends not mine). If I tell you I have a date this week, will that make you feel less guilty? Sunday dim sum would be perfect. Unless, of course, this date is the guy of my dreams and wants to take me to the Caribbean for the weekend. If so, I'll ask if I can bring you too and we can fulfill one of my fantasies... the one with two Francophone men on a beach at sunset ;)

G: LOL....uhmm fantasy eh, when's your date?? I'm playing beach volley ball tonight but if your not busy Tuesday night do you want some lovin'.......

M: Date is some time towards the end of this week. Still working out the scheduling details. My friends (Baby and Delorean) decided to get married in November so now we have to do in 3 months what most people do in a year. Stinkin' bridesmaids dresses, flowers, photographers, djs, seating arrangements, invitations, blah blah BLAH! Frig, if I ever get married it will be on a Caribbean beach at sunset in a pink bikini.

Tuesday might work after we're done wedding dress shopping. I'll call you. Can I come to beach volley ball some time to check out the cute beach boys? I once dated a volleyball player and his thighs were the hardest thing I have ever touched. His muscles were practically exploding out of his skin... sorry, I'm going to need a moment.

G: You crack me should definitely write for a soon cheers

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