Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekly phone call

Capitaine le Vomi phoned this afternoon and we talked for half an hour about stuff. I had just about given up on hearing from him as the last email was Wednesday afternoon during the TSX meltdown. He told me he would maybe call me that night. But then I went out and partied which was a good thing because no phone call. No further emails. Then, two in rapid succession this afternoon. In the second email, he said he might try calling me. Which he did. Before I could finish typing a reply. That boy is very confusing. But lengthy, funny emails and occasional phone calls do not a relationship make. They barely constitute a friendship, especially when our grand total meetings number three, one of which was spent vomiting cranberry, orange and vodka all over everything. I have learned my lesson though and will not be mentioning my extracurricular activities with Grey to him or any other man.

I am exhausted but can't seem to drag myself to bed. I did eleventy loads of laundry this evening and wish I had started earlier in the week. It's a real drag to have four pairs of jeans and a pair of purple cords hanging on my drying rack in addition to all the sweaters, bras, mitts, toques, long johns and dress pants. Poor little contraption is buckling under all that weight.

I'm really looking forward to the wedding and reception. Hopefully the roads will be cleared when I wake up and the drive to Snowville won't be too crazy. Fingers crossed!

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Anonymous said...

I hope the roads are nice and clear for you on your trip. Drive safe!