Wednesday, December 17, 2008


How can it be that I have nothing to write about? I could tell you that I found the perfect travel journal. Same size as last time but covered in shoes!

I heard from The Crush. Well, actually I texted him to ask if I should spend $5 on Crime and Punishment. He texted me back 2 hours later to tell me it was worth it. Too late. He said he is decorating the house for (I assume) the party on Saturday. The one he still hasn't officially invited me to. Fortunately I plan to have a post-wedding party of my own with Grey. I imagine it will be much more fun.

It's a freakin' WinterWonderland right now. I was watching the repeat finale of So You Think You Can Dance Canada with my friend with the painted pink dress and had no idea. It's pretty and all but the roads better be ploughed by the time I leave work tomorrow. And I get to go to work tomorrow. Yay, money!

Money is good because I completely forgot I have to buy gifts for all the people I'm visiting while I travel. My dad reminded me today. So Thursday will be shopping day. I do not enjoy the mall in December. Give me a Tuesday morning in mid January when it's quiet.

Okay, that's all I got. My life is boring and blah. I hate December.


Alexandreena said...

I have nothing either. I'm countign the days left in the office. 3. and then 2 whole weeks off!

Anonymous said...

Okay, if your life is "blah", and my life is even more boring, what word would I use to describe it? Hmmmmmmm...

Elusive Butterfly said...


Sorry, I more than a little drizzunk right now. And missing my booty buddy :(