Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two phone calls in one night!

I almost forgot to blog today. I think that means my mental state is distinctly more happy than normal. The Crush called me twice this evening! I didn't hear from him all day so I dropped him an email at the close of (regular people) business hours and he responded quite quickly. Said he was working late, as usual, but would call me later. And he did! I texted him to let him know I managed to escape from the office at 7 and my first phone call came through at 8.30! I'm so impressed! Mind you, he literally called me, talked my ear off breathlessly for 10 minutes and then said he would call back. Turns out he's one of those chatty drunks. Not that he was drunk. Just a little buzzed. He said he would call me later which I fully expected him not to do. But he did! Two hours later! And we actually talked like normal people for half an hour! Too many exclamation marks.

Anyway, Montreal is likely to be a gong show but I'm still looking forward to it. So the plan for Thursday. Should I be aloof and pretend he doesn't exist and not contact him? Or should I take advantage of the slight anxiety he is likely to be feeling knowing that we're going to see The Other Guy and send him (The Crush) an email and ask him to have dinner with me in the evening just because we know Montreal is likely to be a gong show? Stupid dating games.


Alexandreena said...

2 phone calls! Niiice.

Glad to hear your mental state is better.

singlefabulous said...

I say just sit back and see what happens -- don't ask the Crush out. Let him chase you a bit. Not because of some old-fashioned rules, but because you deserve a guy who will chase you.

d said...

Hmmmm. I say sit back as well. While it's reason to be excited, two phone calls does not an infatuation make, and we want him to be drooling over you as he rightfully should be.

geekhiker said...

I have no clue. I mean, heck, at this point if someone played "aloof and pretend not to exist" I'd probably totally freak out right now, ya know? But he's probably not messed up in the head like I am! ;)