Friday, December 5, 2008

Not feeling it

Ugh, I'm exhausted and haven't started packing or cleaning yet. Ugh. I'm really not mentally prepared for a weekend of hard partying, binge drinking and uncontrolled spending. On a slightly more positive note, I've decided which outfits to bring with me and didn't have to spend any money doing it. I think I'm going conservative clubby with a loose but low cut black chiffon tank top on Friday night for La Mouche and my classic black and white strapless number on Saturday for Buona Notte. Over jeans, naturally. The backup outfit is my LBD but I'd prefer to save that for The Crush's Christmas party in two weeks.

The girls almost convinced me to buy the crazy outrageously hot black pantsuit that I saw over a month ago. Actually, they did convince me and it wasn't until I took it to the seamstress in the mall that we realized there were tears down the back of the right calf where someone had obviously tried it on with stilettos. I'm glad I got a refund. I would have had a serious case of buyer's remorse when I got my credit card bill in a few weeks. It's bad enough that my bill this month is three times what it normally is because of my vehicle registration fee, plane ticket and myriad wedding-related charges.

Anyway, it looks as though the boys are joining us for dinner on Saturday. I hope they actually show up. I could care less about his entourage but it would be nice if The Crush was with me. I'm not anxious to see The Other Guy but I'll just have to deal with that when it happens. Hopefully with drink firmly in hand.


Anonymous said...

If you ever come to LA, will you let me take you out on the town? You'll make me look gooooood. :)

Elusive Butterfly said...

You know GH, my recollection is that I invited myself to LA for Disney weekend and your response was somewhat lukewarm. You'll just have to try harder ;) If you succeed in convincing me to visit, we are definitely going out. I looked *hot* on Saturday night. Actually, I looked good Friday night too. Which might be why The Other Guy got disgustingly wasted and I had to take him home. But I'll post more on that later.