Monday, December 22, 2008


I would love to write about the wedding because Grey and I had a lovely time together. He was the ideal date and I invited him to our work event in February because he was so good.

But I'm too frazzled and anxious right trying to get organized to leave to think about yesterday at the moment. I just finished packing but I still don't feel ready to leave. Perhaps because I have finally found a place that feels like "home", I no longer feel as though I am going "home" anymore. It's unexpected and unsettling. I miss home and I haven't even left yet.

Anyway, suitcases are packed, I'm checked in (second last row on the plane, window seat, 14 hour direct flight) so I just have to check my bags, proceed through security and pick up a bottle of water. I have a blanket, a pillow, change of shoes so I don't have to wear my woolly winter boots when I get off the plane, snacks, books, ear plugs and a sleep mask. I just went through my travel checklist and remembered bug spray and sunscreen. Not sure if I should take a hat. I probably should, just in case. Hopefully it doesn't get squashed in my suitcase. Have I mentioned I hate packing for two different climates while leaving a third, completely different one? Ugh.

It doesn't help that Capitaine le Vomi called this evening and we talked for an hour and a half when I should have been packing. He quite specifically asked me what date I would be back and when I would find out about flying to New Brunswick. I think that means he wants to see me.

Mass confusion prevails. Now would be a great time for bed.


Awkward, for you said...

where the heck is home? 14hrs? Ugh. I would definitely need a tranquilizer for that baby. I hate flying.
Good luck and Happy Holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Just outta curiosity, where on Earth are you flying 14 hours to? Of course, if that's TMI, feel free to tell me to zip it. :)