Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't read them all at once

So, for those of you not using a reader or feed, between last night and this morning, three new blog entries to keep you entertained while I party a Montreal.

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Did I mention I'm meeting The Crush's baby sister tomorrow? This could be the kiss of death for my new, would-be bicycle. Fish has a new bicycle too.
I hope I get to at least push my bicycle around the block for Christmas. I don't need to ride it! Maybe just ring the bell? Or maybe he could ring mine....

Ring my beeeeell, ellll, elllll, ring my bell, my bell, dingalingaling!


Asshat said...

Ok. Cycling. Unlike your previous posts on women's clothes and body images, now your talking about something I can understand.

In fact, if you click on this link,
you can order from e-bay a "bicycle I like to fuck" t-shirt on e-bay (available in women's sizes) that sort of links together the themes of your recent posts. If you hit it off with the Crush's baby sister, it might make the perfect Christmas present for her.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Wait, what? That tshirt seems awesome but isn't it the sort of shirt you give you the guy you're riding? I'm tired so I should probably think about this some more.

More on the bicycle theme, I bought Grey a magnet that has a bike on it (he's a bike guy too) and it says "Put the fun between your legs".