Monday, October 8, 2007

You, I like

I was thinking of making this list earlier tonight and then was inspired by Fish to write this letter.

Dear You

When my phone rings, I jump and think "I'll be disappointed if this is not You calling". Because whenever You call me, I smile, just because You're You.

These are the things I like about You:

I like that You make me laugh so effortlessly.
I like that You get excited when my shirt comes off.
I like how affectionate You are when we're alone together.
I like how attentive You are to my moods even when You're stressed and frazzled.
I like that You can put up with my crap when it doesn't matter and also not take my crap when it does.
I like that You cooked me breakfast this morning.
I like how You feel when we're both soapy and wet.
I like the way You look at me when You think I'm not looking.
I like that You dance with me when we're at a club.
I like that You open doors for me.
I like that You're hiding the "hopeless romantic" under that rough exterior.
I like the sound of Your laugh.
I like that You can laugh at Yourself.
I like that You worry.
I like that You don't take things too seriously.
I like that You are considerate enough to think about clean towels.
I like that You held onto my toothbrush.
I like Your taste in clothes and furniture and things that really matter like shoes.
I like how comfortable and secure I feel in Your arms.
I like that You're not afraid to ask for what You want.
I like it when You flip me over or around or any of the other innumerable things You do to me that nobody else has ever done.
I like lying next to You when you're sleeping.
I like the way Your breathing sounds when You're fast asleep.
I like that You call when You say You're going to call.
I like that You say the little things to me that cost You nothing but mean so much to me.

Even though there's no commitment and no discussion of next week or next month, even though I barely know You, I hope I get to find out all the other things I like about You. And hope is not something I do really well.


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