Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy birthday Mr. Rebound

First, I want to acknowledge this wonderful blog I accidentally stumbled across today.

I just wrote the most stunningly boring blog entry and then deleted it.

Birthday plans for the evening include leftover Thai food, some drugs (Neo-citran, Advil Cold & Sinus and chicken soup - okay not a drug but whatever), a chick flick and early to bed for the birthday boy. I had planned to take over a bottle of 2004 Dr. Loosen that I had been saving for a special occasion but he probably won't even be able to taste it. We can drink it next week maybe. I didn't get him a gift for his birthday, as per his request. But his friend sent me the photos he took two weekends ago so I cropped them and made them black and white with borders. I bought a cheap frame in case he decides he likes one of them enough to frame it. If he doesn't, I'll keep the frame and put one up myself. He is so sexy, I love just looking at him.

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